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Slash Chords

Well if you havent noticed by now, I'm trying to show you things in such as way as to allow you to pick up any chord sheet and play the song on it. And no, slash chords are not the chords used solely by the Guns'n'Roses guitarist Slash!

Don't worry, theres nothing tricky about this either. A slash chord will be denoted on a chord sheet as something like A/E or Dm/C or E7/A. What this means is you play the chord specified on the left hand side of the slash but below the chord you add the note specified on the right hand side of the slash. The note on the right hand side may be part of the chord specified on the left hand side, or it may be a completely unrelated note. All you have to do is play this note below the regular chord.

So to illustrate my point A/E would be A Major chord, with the E note played below it like so.

If you have been paying close attention on the last page and this one you would notice that this is infact the second inversion of A(with an extra E added on top). If you dont understand this, dont worry, its just a bit of unimportant musical theory.

Dm/C would be the Dminor chord played with a C below it like this.

And so on for any chord. Theres nothing tricky about this, it is very common on chord sheets and guitar tabulature as a way of specifing the exact notes that should be played to get the same sound as the performer was getting. So now when you see symbols like C/E or G7/A you will know exactly what to do!

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