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Well heres some good piano links - The olga chord archive, almost everything you could possibly want here - The Cosmic Kitchen, a great site with lots of chord sheets - A great site with free lesson pages on how to play jazz and blues piano, also has a forum for asking questions and discussing all things piano. - An excellent site, they offer free online text based instruction as well as free video lessons. Well worth checking out. A very comprehensive selection of lessons are offered as well. - Seems to have free piano lessons on this site, it appears to be focused more on reading sheet music rather then playing by chords. - Another site with piano lessons on it, again going into much more musical theory and less focus on playing by ear. - Yet another site with piano lessons focused on music theory and reading music. - This site has a bunch of great 1 minute videos showing different tricks you can do to improve your playing. It starts off pretty basic but goes up to some advanced stuff. Worth checking out if you have a fast connection. - A great site with a ton of free lessons on it. Has lessons covering scales, chords, arpeggios and a whole lot more! Definately check this one out. - Another good site with free piano lessons, taking you right through buying and checking your first piano to playing and reading from sheet music. - Another good site with free piano lessons, taking you right through buying and checking your first piano to playing and reading from sheet music. - An excellent site with free piano lessons and Flash animations to help understanding, well worth checking out. Has lessons that range from beginner to advanced. - Another great site that goes through piano lessons scales and composition as well. - A very professional commercial site that offers various piano lessons for purchase - This site offers a tool for learning to play classic blues piano licks - Learn the piano with free online piano lessons. Free piano lesson videos, piano articles, piano lesson reviews, and more to get you started.

Play piano lessons using power piano chords!

Top 100 Piano Sites - Discover the best sheet music, piano lessons, and piano dealers on the web. - It offers some free piano sheet music downloads, and piano related links. - A commercial site offering guitar lessons. - An excellent site where you can find out the keys in any given chord using a cool visual display. - A site with a great collection of pieces you can download for free

Piano Forums at Piano World - Join the World Famous Piano Forums at Piano World (it's FREE)

Piano Lesson | Online Piano Lessons - Piano Lesson Videos by renowned pianist Paul Tobey for advanced and intermediate piano players. These online piano lessons are the most comprehensive piano instruction courses on the internet.

Top 100 Piano Sites

Piano Lessons - B&B Music World - Professional teachers serving music lessons on different instruments for any ages and skill level at students home located at Maryland, Virginia & District of Columbia.

Authentic blues piano!

Pop & Jazz Piano Music Resources - Learn how to play pop piano with our free online lessons

Roland Industry News - Here is a cool little write about about this site from the good guys at Roland

TAMMY's PIANO LESSONS ONLINE - If you would like to know how to play the piano, it's important that you make time to read anything you can get your hands on relating to piano, set your mind to focus on only piano and your everyday piano lessons. Concentrate & dont worry about your dog or you favourite TV show. Devote your self to only your piano lessons, learn to play the piano to perfection and become a piano skilled player like your friends before you.

Piano lessons centralLearn to play piano!

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Heres some links that are not directly related to piano lessons:

Novelty Music Boxes - Searching for Novelty music boxes? 1-Noveltyphones offer large variety of novelty music boxes for all the music lovers. We also have novelty clocks, novelty radios, novelty jukeboxes and much more.

Fingerweights! Piano Players Save 25% By Entering FWCJ07Q3 As the Discount Code! FingerWeights increase speed, dexterity, endurance, and control for all players all instruments. Webmasters note - I have never used finger weights so cannot personally vouch for them.

Piano lessons online Adult & Beginner Piano lessons online, Free Tutorial

Djembe African Hand Drums Factor and Outlet Djembe African Hand Drums Factor and Outlet , producing musical instruments.

Djembe Drum The best Djembe Cajon & Hand Drums online store

PIANO LESSONS NYC Piano Lessons NYC offers private piano lessons in New York City and many areas of Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island for all ages and levels 

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