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More Tunes

Now that you know most of the basic chords used in music a whole range of songs are open to you, i'll start off by giving you some of my favorites.

Mabe I'm amazed - Paul Mcartney. This is a great song that uses all the chords we have learnt so far. It has a little run which basically starts on D and goes upwards hitting every note along the way. Listen to the midi to see what i mean. If you're learning this song, you really should learn by listening and copying the original rather then the midi version of it.

Sunny Afternoon - Kinks. This is a good song which makes use of a lot of slash chords. Take your time to work out the chords and the melody to try and get it sounding something like the midi(original is better if you have it).

Road Trippin' - Chillie Peppers. Another good song with some cool slash chords. This is quite a good midi of the song I feel it captures quite a bit of what the guitar is playing on the original song.

Brick - Ben Folds Five. A great piano tune, this is pretty advanced, you might have to fiddle around and experiment with it to get it sounding like Ben Folds. Heres a midi which gives you the basic structure of the song and the rithym. When you get it sounding like this you'll be in a great position to sing the lyrics on top of it. For most of the song you can get away with playing the bass note of the chord in your left hand while fiddling with the notes of the chord in your right hand.

As always, start by learning the chords needed by the song, then try to spice them up mabe by playing them as inversions or by moving the chords around the keyboard. Mabe break the chord up so you play the root note first followed by the top two notes of the chord next, or in any other way you think might sound good. Remember, unlike classical music there are no rules here, if you find something that you think sounds good then by all means play it! Dont be afraid to experiment, and whetever you do, do it confidently!

Congratulations, you are now at the position where you know all the theory and skills you need to pick up a chord sheet and put together a basic rendition of the song!

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