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Advanced Chords

Dont be fooled by the title here, there is nothing more complicated about the chords I am about to show you from the ones you already know. These chords are just different thats all. I'm showing you these chords because they are also quite common in popular music and as such, come up quite often on chord sheets you may find on the internet. Once you learn these, even more songs will open up to you!

Major 7th

If you've been following the pages in order then you would already have come across the major 7th chord in Under the bridge and Imagine. The major 7th chord is commonly denoted as Gmaj7, Amaj7, Bmaj7 etc. Its quite simple to play

The Major 7th consists of an interval of 4 half tones followed by an interval of 3 half tones followed by an interval of 4 half tones.

Suppose we wanted to work out the Gmaj7 chord we would take the following steps

G major 7th chord

Find the root note G, count up 4 half tones to get B, count up 3 half tones to get D, count up 4 half tones to get F#. Giving you the Gmaj7 chord.

Please take care to notice that the Gmaj7 is different from the G7 chord which has notes G B D and F. The musical guru's who came up with this stuff are really out to confuse us!

Minor 7th

Just as the major 7th chord is very similar to the regular major chord, the minor 7th chord is very similar to the regular minor chord. In a chord sheet the minor 7th chord would be denoted as Cm7 Gm7 Am7 etc.

The minor 7th chord consists of an interval of 3 half tones followed by an interval of 4 half tones followed by an interval of 3 half tones.

So here are some minor 7th chords make sure you understand how to work out the notes they contain. The process is exactly the same as every other chord, just follow the formula for the minor 7th chord.

C Minor 7th chord

G Minor 7th chord

Ok if you're getting confused by all these new chords then dont worry, in the next section you can review all the chords you know to get them clear in your mind. Then you'll be ready to try out some tunes that use these new chords!




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