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Hey! This is the first in my series of video lessons, as always, I can't sing but I'll do my best to show you how to play some popular songs. Today we are looking at We Are Young.

First you'll need the chord sheet.

We Are Young Chords - We Are Young Chords

In We Are Young there are only 4 different parts, and each part has 4 chords, sounds like a lot? Well trust me, it's not!! Luckily for us, the chords in each section are identical, each part simply has a different rhythm, phrasing or order to the chords. So in total, to play this whole song we only need to learn 4 chords! We will go through those chords first then you can watch the videos below to see how to put those chords together to create the song. The 4 chords we need to know are, F, Dm, Bb, C. You can always review the common chords section to learn how to work these chords out, however I will show them here for you.

First we have F (also known as F major)

Next we have Dm (D minor)

Next we have Bb (B flat major, B flat is the black key. When you play this in the song, play the chord 1 octave down, this means, find the next lower B flat note to start the chord on, I couldn't show it as my keyboard image below is not long enough, the B flat note at the left side of the keyboard is cut off)

Finally we have C (C major)


Which fingers to use? Well for chords F, Dm and C I like to use fingers 1,3 and 5 and for B flat I like to use fingers 1-2 and 4. Please review the fingering lesson for more information. Play around with it and see which one is comfortable for you.

Learn these chords, once you do, you will know all the chordrs to play We Are Young!

Video Lesson

I have broken this song down into its 4 distinct parts, so please watch the videos and enjoy learning it! It's best to print out the chords and keep them handy.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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